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KN Internally Piloted Industrial Solenoid Valve

The Kingston Model KN is an internally piloted liquid control valve with a 1/2" conduit solenoid enclosure. Designed with a built-in flow control and 2-Piece diaphragm with Superior ShieldTM for diaphragm reliability and protection. Available in both forward (fail open) and reverse (fail closed) flow design, the KN series of valves offer recycled water, pressure regulation, normally open and normally closed options.
Product Category



3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3"

Pressure Range

20 – 200 PSI

Temperature Range

-20°F to 200°F

Flow Range

5 to 360 GPM

Special Feature

Normally Closed, Reclaimed Water