Safety Valves

115CR ASME Code Stainless Steel Safety Valve with Soft Seat

Kingston Model 115 Stainless Steel ASME Code Soft Seat Safety Valves are constructed of stainless steel with a Viton seal and positive stop for a bubble-tight seal. This valve is equipped with a pull ring for manual testing. Internal construction and performance are the same as Model 114 differing only by the pull ring. The Kingston Model 115CR ASME Code Soft Seat Safety Valve, like every Kingston Safety Valve, is set and tested at factory for quality and dependability. Registered in all Canadian provinces and territories. Set pressure range 25 to 300 psi (5 psi increments only). Maximum temperature -20 to 400°F.

Vent to Atmosphere


1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

Pressure Range

25 – 300 PSI


Stainless Steel

Seat Type

Soft Seat


Canadian Registration Number (CRN), National Board/ASME Section XIII


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