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September 1, 2020

Proud Partner of PowerSmoke Pro

Redline Detection powersmoke_pro safety valve

Kingston Valves is proud to be a supplier partner to Redline Detection. Congratulations on your success with the PowerSmoke™ technology at General Motors!

Proud Partner of PowerSmoke Pro

Redline Detection, the world’s leader in diagnostic leak detection technology, announced today that they will provide essential equipment to General Motors that will be required in all 4,550 GM dealerships in the United States and Canada. The GMDE essential equipment program is being managed by Snap-on Business Solutions. GM dealer locations will receive the tool between August and December 2020.

“General Motors has long been at the forefront of technological innovation and so has Redline Detection. As an American manufacturer, we are incredibly proud to design, engineer and build this essential technology for GM,” said Alex Parker, CMO of Redline. “Turbocharged vehicles now make up nearly half of new GM models. GMDE has made PowerSmoke™ technology essential to ensure peak performance for the life of the vehicle. This program will result in dramatic warranty savings for the company with a fast ROI of just 8.2 weeks. The tool will provide substantial technician time savings for dealer service departments and will enhance GM’s already exceptional customer satisfaction rating,” said Parker.

PowerSmoke™ is specifically engineered to test the integrity of turbo, boosted, high pressure systems in one quick procedure, saving valuable technician hours and driving first time fix. Variable pressure from 2-20 PSI and variable flow allow technicians to simulate the boost load of a running engine for testing with the engine safely off. The machine creates a dense, easily visible vapor, free of dyes and contaminants, safe for vehicles, safe for technicians and safe for the environment. GM leads the industry in technical innovations that are environmentally friendly. PowerSmoke™ technology allows technicians to efficiently improve emissions and increase fuel economy while maximizing performance.

Many GM dealer locations have already received the equipment. “This tool has been well worth the money we spent on it in diagnostic time saved. At our store, PowerSmoke™ is used on a daily basis,” said Chad Stevens, Kendall Chevrolet Parts and Service Director.

PowerSmoke™ has been chosen as an essential tool by major OEMs in 114 countries and applauded by the automotive industry. The equipment has won the PTEN Innovation Award; included Power INTAKE™ adaptors won both the Innovation Award and the prestigious Motor Top 20 Tool Award. PowerSmoke™ technology has been chosen for more OEM essential tool programs than any other boosted diagnostic technology worldwide.

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Proud Partner of PowerSmoke Pro

Photo Credit: Redline Detection