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June 14, 2021

Oil & Gas

Kingston Valves Oil and Gas Industry safety valve

Valves play an integral part of global oil and natural gas markets, and ensuring safe distribution for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

The oil, gasoline, and other fuels coming from energy are vital for everyday life, as well as the byproducts from oil to provide chemicals that go into the manufacture of a variety of products we use.

Pressure-retaining equipment, such as pressure vessels, piping, heat exchangers, and similar equipment, make up a large portion of a single refinery. Well-run pressure equipment can even raise the level of performance and can enhance operation of a refinery making it crucial to keep these assets operating well.

KNG Safety Relief Valve 740 Flanged
KNG Safety Relief Valve Kingston 560
KNG Safety Relief Valve 743 Packed Lever