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November 13, 2020


Kingston Defeat the Freeze


Winterization is a key component of proper maintenance and a crucial step to keep your valves working properly year-round. 

Here are 4 steps on how to secure your compressor system:

  1. Establish Annual Winterization

The first step is to ensure winterization is performed on an annual basis. More importantly, it should be completed prior to the first freeze of the season. 

  1. Drain the Tanks

Throughout the winter, the moisture in an unchecked tank has a higher risk of freezing. It’s important to inspect your tanks several times each week during winter, as well as throughout the other months of the year to ensure that condensation buildup doesn’t occur.

  1. Heating System

Make sure any exposed or outdoor drains are properly insulated, much as you would your own water system at home. This can avoid not only split pipes but also prevent condensate from entering the air supply.

In some cases, it might be beneficial to also add heat trace tape to outdoor drain lines.  

  1. Check for Malfunctions

Condensate drains are one of the most ignored or forgotten about components when it comes to compressed air systems.The main job of a condensate drain is to release the unwanted water out of specific equipment. They play an important role in eliminating the need for manual drainage of equipment. As a rule of thumb, drains should be rebuilt and or replaced at least one a year.