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August 3, 2021

BSPT Option

Kingston KSV Collection Soft Seat Safety Valves BSPT


AVAILABLE NOW! BSPT Connections are now available for the KSV Collection, our full line of soft seat safety valves.

  • High Capacity Flow Rates
  • A broad range of sizes available from ⅛” to 1¼”
  • Some of the industry’s best flow rates
  • Designed to API527 seat tightness standards
  • Stainless steel springs affording maximum operating temperatures to 400 °F
  • Options available include: FKM disc material; O₂ cleaned; thread sealant; steam service; nickel plating; AND BSPT
  • ISO 9001 quality system
  • World class lead-times
Kingston KSV Soft Seat Safety Valves Models and Sizing Information Chart Specifications


  • KSV10: 20 to 300
  • KSV25: 20 to 450
  • KSV30: 20 to 300
  • KSV35: 20 to 300
  • KSV40: 20 to 300
Kingston KSV Specification Sheet Ordering Information Chart Codes