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The History of Kingston Valves

Frederick Charles Kingston founded F. C. Kingston Company in the City of Los Angeles in 1908 to solve a serious problem plaguing locomotive and heating boilers of the time – the threat of explosion due to over pressurization.

In 1909 he received his first patent and the Kingston Safety Valve was born. Kingston’s product line has grown over time to include custom OEM design, pressure safety, check and flow control valves. Kingston’s designs are steadfast and proven – the original model 100 remains in production to this day.

In 1956 after Mr. Kingston’s death, his friend Walter V. Storm purchased a 50% stake in the company for his Western Brass Works enterprise. Today Kingston is part of the Storm Manufacturing Group family of brands. The Storm Family has been in continuous control of Kingston for more than 50 years ensuring that F. C. Kingston’s legacy lives on.

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