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Safety Valves

Prevents the pressure in a system from exceeding a preset limit by venting excess flow.

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Control Valves

Controls the flow of pressure of air, liquid or gas through the valve.

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Check Valves

Allows flow in only one direction for non-return air and liquid applications.

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Lift & Hoist Valves

Controls operation of various lifting devices utilizing compressed air or oil as a power source.

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Air Compressor Valves

Drain, unloader and regulator valves for air compressor systems.

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Solenoid Valves

Industrial grade valves controlled via electro-mechanical solenoid actuation.

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Ball Valves

Controls flow of LP-gas in heating applications like burning brush or other spot heating applications.

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Burner Valves

Opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve.

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Oil Lubricator Valves

Needle valves used to control the flow of lubricant to a variety of systems.

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